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The Vojax Legacy :: An Intro

T'ia was doing her daily routine aboard The Admiral when suddenly a voice came over the loud speaker.

Mayday! Mayday! 
The . photonic . flux . emitter . has . overloaded . causing . an . explosion . in . the . sonic . particle . conduits.

She threw her hands up and screamed back at the annoying computer generated voice.

"Oh really?! I hadn't noticed! You know, with the fire behind me and all."

She really hated how that computer talked, pausing after every word.
Who was the genius who came up with that she often wondered.

"I . suggest . making . an . emgergency . landing. Chance . of . survival . is . minimal."

"Nearest . habitable . planet . is . Earth. Immediate . evacuation . suggested."

Holding her head, she sighed.

"No, I planned on staying here on this ship. It's just so homey."

She stood in front of one of the personal transportation pods. 

"Goodbye computer. It was nice knowing you."

T'ia jumped in the pod and adjusted the settings and was off. 

She landed on Earth within moments. The ship landed in pieces around her. 
Suddenly, looking down, she noticed something else came with her.

"Computer? Oh my god. Is that you? It is! Aw, aren't you adorable?!"
"Shut up. I scanned the closest living thing and this is the form my virtual particles took."
"Hey, at least your speech has improved. Who's a wittle baby."
"My data says this form comes with it's own weapons. I would tone down the cutesy talk if I were you."
"Spoiled sport."

"I suppose I should change my clothing to better blend in with the natives."

She typed a few buttons on her wrist and was instantly switched into Earth like apparel.

"Well then. Looks like we're going to be here awhile. Let's get comfortable."

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Wow! Great start! I want to read more!

Thrilling start! Can't wait to see more.

Adding this to my list! I love anything sci-fi and this looks like it will be fun to watch/read! Good luck with your legacy! :)

I love this, I have a bit of a weakness for alien-type legacies. :D Can't wait for more!

This was amazing. Waiting for more :)

love it! i want more already!

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